Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bungalow Porch

I can't imagine a bungalow without a porch, can you?

To make the porch, I cut a base (dimensions are based on where the inspiration house's porch lines up with the windows), then dredged up enough geometry to riddle out how long to make the porch roof pieces (matching the roof angle, of course). 

After gluing and puttying the roof pieces together (I also scored the undersides to look more like boards), I cut and glued the trim in place and painted it white. Then, I cut the support beams and attached them to the base (using staples AND glue for extra stability). 

Next, I glued the tops of the beams to the underside of the porch roof. After more drying, I shingled and aged the roof.

Next step: making the plywood base look like old, worn poured concrete. Taking inspiration from Otterine's concrete "breaker", I applied a thin layer of wood putty, sanded it once dry, then applied two thin layers of hard-finish Mod Podge (it was the closest thing to gel medium I had) to smooth it out even further. Then: paint!

I think the porch needs some more dirty washing, but I already love how realistic it looks.