Wednesday, May 15, 2013


As I've mentioned, I'm building the Craftsman/Midcentury house in stages, as a series of room boxes. The living room is fully built apart from the ceiling, so I couldn't resist arranging some very 1950s-looking pieces I'd chosen for the room, taking pictures, and entering it in Minis Modernas' second anniversary contest (psst...there's still time to enter. Go for it!).

Imagine my surprise when I checked their blog tonight and saw that they'd posted my picture! I'd planned to post it here after the contest ended. Instead, I'll post a "bonus photo" I didn't include in my submission...this is the living room on my patio, where the pictures were taken. I can never get the lighting right in my work area, but it's always perfect outside on a sunny day (you can start envying me now, John).

The stones on the fireplace and patio are real (and I'm sure it's obvious where they came from). I had to have a stone fireplace with built-in planters because my grandmother's 1961 home had one, as did a 1966 apartment I lived in after college.

Now I just need to find a coffee table I like and fill the bookcase area...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bungalow Sneak Peek

I've mentioned that this house is going to take a LONG time to build.

I'm building it as a series of room boxes, and will insert them into a shell when complete. Building the interiors of the French house was not easy, even though I worked on them as flat boards before installation. I keep changing the exact layout of this house as I go along, so this method is working very well so far.

I couldn't resist putting a few things into the mostly-complete living room and taking this preview shot. You can really see the "midcentury modest" influence here...