Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Donald Duck and Dollhouses

Even if you think you don't like cartoons, you might enjoy "Out of Scale" (below), starring Chip, Dale, and everyone's favorite loose cannon, Donald Duck. This is one of my very favorite cartoons, largely for the scale-model plot (also, it's funny).

(Perhaps not coincidentally, Walt Disney had a 1/8 scale train in his backyard, built the year before "Out of Scale" was made!)

For extra fun, "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" had an episode featuring dollhouse antics:

And as long as I'm posting about Disney...

I have a long-running desire to surround a miniature house with realistic landscaping, which I blame on Disneyland's Storybook Land (side note: I would LOVE to know how they weatherproof those tiny houses - not to mention how to electrify a very tiny, apparently freestanding outdoor structure). Every setting is so finely detailed and enchanting that you might forget you're not three inches tall. I'm planning to landscape ALL future builds (except for select urban settings) because it really adds to the magic.

Sadly, the equally tiny Safari Adventure that stood at the Disneyland Hotel was removed a few years ago. I sometimes wonder where those little boats are now...if I ever have a back garden again, I'd like to try building something like this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Roof: Part 1

Gluing the roof structure together (with a little help from Charlie Brown and Snoopy). More to come...