Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Noir in Miniature

The Starlet Bungalow in black and white. Is it just me, or does a grayscale color scheme add drama?

In the absence of color, I could swear these pictures tell a story I sure didn't make up. This picture makes me imagine Lydia moodily staring back at her own reflection while removing her makeup, contemplating fame.

Coffee table chaos: the signed photos (she'll have to do more later), the scripts to read, the pithy trade papers, the highly coveted award...and to what end? Is that all there is?

I barely even notice the SAG card in this picture because the keys dominate the image - even the tiara looks like an afterthought. Why is Lydia staying at the famously discreet Chateau Marmont? Is she secretly shacking up with an illicit lover, conducting secret business deals away from prying eyes, or merely getting away from autograph hounds for a few days?

More moodiness. The empty couch almost seems to imply that someone else should be in the bungalow with Lydia. Or perhaps the couch is vacant because our star can't stop pacing the floor? (Come to think of it, the carpet looks rather lumpy in this picture, even though it isn't in real life. Has Lydia "swept something under the rug", so to speak?)