Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ups and Downs

Work on the house is progressing...slowly.

Mostly, it's the lights. This will be my first electrified house, so not only am I learning the basics, but dollhouse lights can be fiddly little things with finicky plugs (I considered battery-operated lights, but they would have eaten half the budget). 

Order lights...wait for them to arrive...wait for back-ordered transformer to arrive...find out it doesn't work...wait for return authorization form to arrive...replacement doesn't work...finally get one that 2 of the lights don't work...more waiting for replacements...and I'm still waiting on ceiling roses I ordered ages ago, since I will need to thread the wires through them before I can do the ceilings.

No wonder it can take several years to build a dollhouse.

However, I have had no problems with the first staircase, and really like how it turned out:


  1. The staircase looks very well made.

    The lighting situation must be very frustrating. Have you cut the wiring channels in the ceiling? I think you'd find it much easier to deal with everything if you put the wires from the light fitting through the ceiling and cut the channels in the floor above. It all gets covered up with the flooring and it's the usual way of working.

    Have you thought about adding a Followers button to your sidebar?

  2. Thank you, Norma! I must admit, I didn't scratch-build the staircase - it's from a Houseworks kit (but I did make my own spindles).

    I've been experimenting with wiring channels all over the place - walls, floors, ceilings - and am testing the lights to see what works best. This is my first electrified build; I'm totally green!

    Done. Thanks for the suggestion, and for stopping by!