Friday, October 19, 2012


I still have some artwork, furniture, and other accessories to sort out. However, the house itself is complete, inside and out.


  1. Wow, Anna! The exterior looks marvelous! The dramatic, contrasting scheme gives it a crisp, graphic quality which I like very much. Once you place the remaining accessories, you are going to do another twirl around the interior, right?

  2. Hi Anna,

    your house looks fabulous, the windows look amazing and i love the iron work across the dormas. It's all coming together so well!

    Fi x

  3. John - Thank you! I do love graphic black and white. There will be a full interior tour once every accessory is done. It'll probably take me a while, so I may also show each room as it is finished.

    Fi - Thank you! The windows gave me fits, so I'm glad they've turned out well. I might still add some shutters to the side windows (the front windows are not spaced far enough apart).