Sunday, December 9, 2012

Living room update

This room still doesn't feel "done" to me, but this is the current setup. I'm not sure the house really needs a pool table, but the room looks out of balance whenever I take it out. I've experimented with moving the piano to this room, but it's an upright, so there's nowhere to put it without blocking a window.

From this angle, you can see the fireplace better, along with the artwork I chose to cover up the "viewing hole" that allows my iPod to be used as a television in this house. The speakers, discussed previously, are made from an old pair of earbuds and are permanently installed. Even with the painting up, I can still play music in the house.

The painting is Emily Winfield Martin's "Joy Division Girl", shrunk and cropped to fit the frame. Since I have the print (which, btw, has beautiful color saturation - this version came out grayish and faded due to being printed on canvas at home), and since this "painting" is for my use only, I hope she doesn't mind.

Someday I'll make a nicer trunk - this one is made from a cheap craft store box and I've never really been satisfied with it. I haven't found the right one yet.


  1. I love your Emily Winfield Martin picture, her work is lovely. I especially like the title.
    Are you a Joy Division girl?

  2. I think I prefer The Smiths to Joy Division, but Emily's "Smiths Girl" doesn't have quite the same emotional intensity as "Joy Division Girl." (Her shirt says "She's Come Undone", which I had to crop out so her head would comfortably fit in the frame.)

  3. Ah....we have very similar musical taste!!