Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me: Part 2

As mentioned in my last post, I got an Etsy gift card for my birthday, and commissioned some midcentury furniture from Patie at minisx2. Besides the record cabinet and a few pieces detailed in the next post, I really, really wanted my imaginary occupants to have a couple of Heywood-Wakefield pieces.

Heywood-Wakefield is an East Coast company. However, its clean, Streamline Moderne lines and light finishes pair beautifully with sun-filled California homes and midcentury modern anything (and it reminds me of one of my favorite antique stores). I asked Patie if she could make an X-base coffee table and a 1534 dresser - thankfully, she was game, and they look exactly like their real-life counterparts.

I couldn't resist trying out a living room setup. (The bungalow is undergoing some dusty construction right now, and I don't own a light box. These scenes were photographed using the top of my record player for the "floor" and a vintage barkcloth skirt wrapped around a board for the "wall.") Here, you can see the X-base table and record cabinet, along with the scratch-built sofa and Eames chairs.

The dresser is destined for a little girl's bedroom (I haven't assembled the bed yet). The Lundby-esque dollhouse was scratch built, the VW Beetle is a Micro Machines car my little brother gave me for my childhood dollhouse circa 1994, the Snow White doll is by Ethel Hicks, and the Bad Badtz-Maru t-shirt peeking out of the drawer was an incredibly lucky gift-with-purchase at the Sanrio flagship store in San Francisco in 1998 (it's scaled a bit big for a child, so I might put it in the master bedroom).

Next time: the master bedroom set.


  1. Hi Anna! I like all of the birthday gifts that you have on display! I think that it is a wonderful collection and nicely arranged for the photo shoot! Your collection of posters on the sideboard are great and the little record player reminds me of one that I use to own when I was teeny bopper and collected Beatle albums and 45's. I think I wore those 45 records out! What a fun collection and I am ready to see now how you fit them all together!
    Have fun!


  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! I really lucked out this year. I need to make some album sleeves to go in the record cabinet - vinyl's not dead in my book ;)

    Just you wait until I post the master bedroom set!

  3. I love the furniture, my mother had a coffee table just like that in her living room only it was chrome and glass, I never thought of using mico machines in a childrens room..that's a great idea.


    1. Nothing sleek and ultramodern in this house...the tiny occupants like cool old stuff ;) I've been holding onto this tiny Beetle forever, hoping I'd have the right spot for it one day...and it's scaled about right for a doll's doll, since they range from 1:148 to 1:160.