Thursday, October 24, 2013

Upstairs Construction

Welcome, new followers! Please excuse my construction dust, glue globs, and wiring channels...I will be moving soon, so I might not be able to make much progress on the house beyond this point for the next month or so. (John, if you're reading this: you think your unfinished room box looked "rustic"? If it weren't for wood putty, plaster, and miniature moldings - to cover up all the holes, gaps, and clumsy cutting - I would never get any of my mini settings to look remotely realistic.)

The upstairs is a plain, glue-stained plywood shell for now, but this should give some idea of the layout.

Master bedroom (with walk-in closet...yes, I decided this house had to have a closet somewhere):

(I swear it's bigger than it looks, even though I carved out closet space!)

In between the bedrooms is a tiny, not-yet-finished bathroom. Since this is supposed to be a 1920s house that saw some "updates" circa 1962, I decided to turn the "midcentury pink bathroom" thing on its ear by giving the bathroom hot pink walls (the floor tile is identical to that of the kitchen and is meant to suggest original tile from the '20s).

Last but not least, the second bedroom (this will be a bedroom/playroom for a little girl):

There likely won't be any updates on the house's construction for several weeks, but I will still be posting pictures of my Spring Fling after the winners are announced. (That's going to be a long post...I went a little bit crazy with the details!)


  1. Yes, Anna I AM reading, LOL! Your house in its current state reminds me of an unfinished RL house. My dad was a house builder and often worked 'on spec' so my family would move into these half-finished houses and live there for a few months until the house was ready to go on the market. So I was pretty used to having insulation and bare studs as bedroom walls. We always knew to start packing as soon as the carpet was put down. I had a friend who had a 1920's bath like the one you're making. It had a 4' claw tub that was painted hot pink on the outside. I remember she used to keep her vintage hat collection in there and had a large, black patent leather handbag hanging next to the pedestal sink, stuffed with guest towels. Probably sounds horrendous, but I thought it was so bohemian! Good luck with your move and I look forward to your next post!


    1. Haha...would I be correct in comparing it to the Bluth family camping out in the attic of their model home? ;) That bathroom sounds AWESOME! I'd love to have a claw-foot bathtub someday, but so far, no such luck.

  2. Hi Anna! I agree with John: your house looks like a real unfinished house! I am not a fan of pink, but your bathroom looks great so far.
    I wish you luck with the move and we'll see you here again ;)!

    1. Thank you, Ilona! Pink isn't to everyone's my own case, it has to be hot pink or I can't stand it. See you again in a few weeks :)

  3. I think it looks wonderful, it's always fun to watch new contstruction

  4. Great work! Good luck with the moving =) Hannah