Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tiny Versailles!

And now you know why work on the bungalow has been so slow for so long...I've been hard at work on a top-secret, micro-scale project.

This is Phase 1 of a 1:144 Versailles. Except for the tiny LEDs (which were a disproportionately huge pain in the behind), this is all illustration board, Bristol board, clay, and pre-made 1:144 windows/doors.

I must have been out of my mind when I decided to do this...I am wiped out and STILL need to finish the side wings, the garden facade, the interiors, and (a small portion of) the grounds.


  1. What a great 1st of April joke, Anna, you almost caught me :D!!! Great, you are the first in the blog world who did an April fools joke, hahaha :D LOL!!
    But what to think about it, if it was a real miniature scene ....? That would be more than fantastic and beyond our possibilities!

  2. You got me! I was all set to ask for more photos so I could see your work and you April Fooled me..HAHA


  3. Wow! At first I thought that this was a Real Photo of Versailles and then I thought "no this is her miniature", and now here I've come full circle, it Really is a Real Photo. Congratulations on a great April Fools, Anna! Well done :D


  4. Thank you all...yes, it's a real photo of Versailles (I used a tilt-shift effect to make it look more like a miniature)! I love the idea of making a micro-scale Versailles, but am so clumsy I'm not sure I can do such finely detailed work in such a tiny scale.

  5. I still think its real, but I am a daydreamer.. convince me its not a real mini!

    1. Jane, you can see the original picture (which is of the real Versailles) here:

      As I mentioned above, I edited the picture (using to make it look like a scale model. I am WAY too clumsy to do this kind of work in micro scale, trust me.

  6. wahahaha good one!
    I did not really fall for it, such a project must take years! Nevertheless, the pic is a feast for the eyes :)

  7. Wow, what an incredible project! Love the LEDs!!!

  8. oh I LOVE this one!
    I love houses in 1/144 much more than in 1/12 (which I just find too big)
    Your Versailles looks brilliant :)