Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Completed Exterior

I FINALLY finished the bungalow's exterior.

The "solar panels" are made from leftover Greenleaf greenhouse roof panels and black illustration board. I painstakingly marked off a tiny grid of 1/8" squares on each piece of mat board with an ordinary mechanical pencil and coated the whole thing with several layers of Mod Podge. (This was also an easy way to conceal a large area of badly warped roof shingles.)

The front porch in place (again). I can't help it; I just love how this house is shaping up.

Now to get started on the interior...


  1. Hi Anna! It looks terrific --I love the color on the board & batten siding. And nice to see your house is 'green' with the solar panels, which turned out very realistic. Now the fun begins, huh? XOXO John

  2. Fantastic! I love the solar panels, what a great idea. The colour is so fresh too x

  3. I'm loving this ranch house! I like the color you chose. To me, it kind of has a mid-century vibe.

  4. Hello Anna,
    It looks beautiful. I love the panels and the porch is great!
    Big hug,

  5. Anna it's amazing, I love that you put solar panels on it too..really cool idea.


  6. Wow, seriously coming together. Love the porch. Great work on the solar panels. Smart idea to cover the warped roof tiles. Really exceptional work, congrats!

  7. Thank you all :)

    I did buy solar panels from Delph initially, but they weren't big enough to realistically take a 2-bedroom house off the grid (and they don't look realistic enough for this California girl).

  8. The bungalow looks gorgeous. I absolutely love the colour you used, it looks so bright and reminds me of summers down the beach. The porch is lovely too. It's not something you see in the UK...but I wish we had them. Looking forward to see what you do next =0)