Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I'm sure you all know roofing a dollhouse is a lot of work. This one has its own unique challenges.

In real life, the boathouse roof is made of corrugated metal shingles (perhaps the skippers had to make do with scrap pieces saved from various sources?). I wanted to use real metal (so I could get it to rust realistically), but realized it would be a good way to repeatedly cut my fingers. So I bought corrugated plastic roofing, have been cutting it into shingles (thankfully, it can be cut easily with scissors), and have some ideas for making it all look like rusty old metal.

Here, you can see back and front views of the main roof section and the tower top being shingled. (The tower top is removable because the tower's back wall is also removable, which I'll discuss in further detail in a later post. If I attached the tower top, its overhang would prevent removing the wall.) 

Two other sections of roof, which I haven't started yet, are going to be quite a bit more complicated.


  1. That´s very fine and realistic.
    Where have you found the corrugated plastic roofing?

    1. Hi Britt,

      The roofing is made by Handley House. I bought it from Earth n' Tree Miniatures, but other retailers carry it (I've even seen it on Amazon).

  2. Hello Anna,
    It looks very realistic.
    Big hug,

  3. The roof looks very hard to do, especially the tower top! You've done an amazing job on that piece. I'll look forward to seeing how you rust it up.


  4. Hi Anna! Your roof is looking really good. Love this type of roofing but it is a tedious job no matter what type of materials one choses. But I like that fact that this material cuts easily with scissors. Two thumbs up! :))