Saturday, May 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect theory, anyway.

After I decided it was time to build my dream dollhouse, I scoured the internet for every dollhouse kit I could find. When I hit the Greenleaf website, I still didn't see my perfect little Parisian townhouse (although the Gloucester kit made me seriously consider doing a big English house instead). I did, however, immediately know what to do with the current Spring Fling kit, and decided to try it out as a "practice" house. The kit is laser-cut, which makes fitting the pieces together very easy, but it does make the pieces smell a bit burnt, so you might want to take the kit out of its plastic bag and let the odor dissipate a little before working on it (I put mine in the garage overnight to accommodate a housemate with a sensitive nose).

Here it is being dry fitted (as you can see, I opted for the skylight roof upgrade). I can already see the finished project in my mind's eye, but everyone else will have to wait until late summer...

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