Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Front door

I am not good at scratch-building anything too detailed. But, I think the porch overhang turned out fine. There's not much to it - just scraps of very thin wood glued together, trimmed with more scraps, accented with a cherub plaque, painted the same way I painted the roof, and supported by a pair of Sue Cook brackets (which I admit look a bit big - I'd planned to use three pairs of these brackets under the balcony, but wound up only using two pairs, so the extra brackets were moved to street level).

The door is Palladian-style, with a half-circular window at the top, but somehow it just didn't look quite right on the outside. Realistically, houses in cities that have actual rainfall tend to have some sort of overhead coverage just outside the door. So, the window is there, you just can't see it from the front.

I couldn't find a sidewalk effect I really liked, so I made my sidewalk by applying a mixture of plaster and wood glue to the base, scoring it with a big wooden sandwich skewer, sanding it down (after drying) to make it somewhat uniform in height (but not TOO uniform, since I do want it to look as old as the house), and then applying a mix of gray paints.

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