Friday, November 9, 2012

The Not-So-Big Apple

Once again, a much better miniaturist than I will ever be has made me feel like a slacker.

Take some time to peruse this Flickr set. It's the work of film/television model maker Randy Hage, who makes models of real New York storefronts to document the city's character (before it's all remodeled away). Even the garbage piled up outside a miniature donut shop is handmade and looks exactly like full-size garbage.

And do check out his other Flickr sets - how I wish I had seen the Martin Katz Jewelers model before I built the roof on my French townhouse.


  1. That is amazing work Anna.......he is a true artist!

  2. Yes indeed! Kevin Mulvany (of Mulvany & Rogers) also started out as a model maker (for Shepperton Studios).