Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress and Inspiration

I now have most of the shell cut out (I still need to cut a few more openings for doors, windows, stairs, and wiring, plus the rooftop). Dear me...plywood splinters like hell when it's cut with a power saw. I have a lot of sanding ahead of me, and I'm very grateful that a) the exterior will be stuccoed, b) the interiors will be built and added separately, and c) I'm going to have to make the windows myself anyway, so I can cut them to fit. In any case, this is supposed to be an older house, and older homes do tend to have more evidence of aging, repairs, etc. than newer ones.

What does frustrate me a little is the lighting situation. Before completely assembling the shell, I have to determine lighting placement. This isn't difficult to do, but I won't be able to install the lights until I have them...and I can't order them yet! I finally found the perfect lit fire - out of stock. The seller also had the perfect chandeliers - which went out of stock a few days later. They don't know when the next shipment is coming, and the "wish list" feature doesn't work. This isn't the store's fault; I've dealt with wholesalers before, and I know they are often unwilling to communicate re: when the next shipment is coming (or if it's coming at all). Oh well, I can make windows while I wait.

I hit up Offbeat Home today (which I frequently do), and an older post I'd completely forgotten about was featured - all about a funky closet makeover inspired by a discarded plastic dollhouse. The closet belongs to makeup maven Doe Deere, and I think it's adorable. It really shows the inspirational power of dollhouses. (Zooey Magazine's April/May issue has a feature on Ms. Deere's home, which also looks a bit like a dollhouse.)

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