Friday, September 14, 2012

Hall table

I'm glad Dolls House Emporium has added a collection of French-inspired furniture for collectors who like fancier furniture...but, as always, I can't leave well enough alone.

Like the kitchen prep table in the last post, this little console table has gray marbled paper decoupaged on top. I've photographed it lying flat to get the best view of the silver leaf paint I applied to some of the details. Now I just need to mount it on the wall in the hallway, with a very tiny handbag on it.


  1. Hi Anna,

    Great to see you joined the blogoshere!

    It's really cool how you can change these little things & make them uniquely your own --great job!

    I used that same table in my Entrance Hall with a few changes & I love it!


  2. Thank you, John! I have no talent for some of the more complicated things like scratch-building furniture, but hand me a tiny paintbrush and some glue and I can still put my own touch on the details :)

  3. Hi Anna,

    I have just read through your blog and really enjoyed it. I too am an admirer of Lea's book, in fact it sits by my bed side always. Not that I can read French either but I do adore the images and translate as you do on google.

    I also immediately noted that you must be blog friends with the oh so fabulous Jonathan Elsner given the tile of your blog " Gorgeous little things" GLT's as John often refers to. I can see you are making wonderful progress and I will enjoy keeping up with your progress.

    ML Fi x

  4. Hello Fi! Nice to meet you :)

    I actually bought the book for inspiration, intending to bash a kit, but the illustrations were so easy to follow that I realized scratch-building was a lot like hand-making clothes, which I have done many times.

    I don't think I've encountered Jonathan yet (although I'd love to be blog friends with anyone who can be described as fabulous); "Gorgeous Little Things" is, in my case, a reference to a line of dialogue from "Absolutely Fabulous". (I am occasionally tempted to re-create Edina's perpetually changing kitchen in miniature, but I'm not sure which version to copy...)