Monday, September 3, 2012

My Ace Bathroom

My taste in interiors is pretty eclectic. Case in point: my miniature bathroom was inspired by the Ace Hotel's Portland and New York locations.

There are a few little things I need to touch up, and I still need to make and install towel bars, but between the black-and-white palette, curtained transom door, and classic fixtures, I think the influence is pretty clear.

Some Ace Hotel rooms have claw-foot bathtubs (I've always wanted a claw-foot tub), and I originally planned to include one. However, the only ones I could find that looked right were 1) way out of my budget, and 2) too wide to fit the space. Yes, I know the bathtub I chose overlaps with the door frame a bit. It didn't during the dry fit, and the front sits flush against the wall, so I've decided not to let it bother me.

There isn't a medicine chest because if this were a real house, the logical place for it would be on the non-existent back wall. I did make one before I realized this (classic white with a red cross on the door), so it's going to be in the kitchen instead. In real life, I am most likely to injure myself in the kitchen (cuts, burns, slipping in spilled liquid, that one time I dropped a heavy Le Creuset pan on my foot...), so that's where I keep my first aid kit anyway. There will be a toothbrush holder, I just haven't glued it in yet (the mini toothbrush holder and toothbrushes I bought came in rather unattractive pastels, so I'm repainting them in bolder colors).

I realize the chandelier is a bit flashy for the Ace aesthetic, but the Art Deco ceiling fixture I ordered was sold out, and I love chandeliers anyway, so in it went. Someday I want to have one in every room of my house, whether they go with my vintage/antique/industrial furniture or not.

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