Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kitchen prep table

Since the house is supposed to be old, a fitted kitchen wouldn't do.

Some sort of prep surface was a must, of course. I bought a plain whitewood potting bench and proceeded to completely ignore its intended purpose.

First, I marbled some white paper with a mix of four different grays. While it dried, I painted the table glossy black. When the second coat was hard, I decoupaged the marbled paper onto the top of the table to mimic a marble countertop. I also plucked out the original knobs with tweezers, replacing them with tiny Swarovski crystals - they are meant to mimic vintage glass knobs.

I am VERY happy with how the prep table turned out.


  1. What a beautiful transformation! Brilliant, Anna!

  2. John, thank you! I can't wait to show this table in situ with some canisters and a fruit bowl.